100% of ecosystem profit is allocated to validator rewards. In a first of its kind marketplace program, VRX will provide these validator rewards in the form of native Bitcoin.

Dynamic Yield Strategy

We've implemented a yield system that adapts to network activity. This means when the transaction volume and overall activity on our platform increase, the yields will adjust accordingly. This strategy is intended to stimulate user engagement during peak times, promoting a more active and vibrant ecosystem.

Tiered Staking Program

Our tiered staking model is designed to cater to a diverse range of investors, with varying levels of commitment and corresponding rewards. The tiers include:

  • Bronze Tier: A shorter lock-up period with a moderate yield, ideal for users seeking flexibility.

  • Silver and Gold Tiers: Offering higher yields for longer commitments, these tiers are tailored for users seeking a balance between commitment and reward.

  • Platinum Tier: The highest yield tier, designed for our most dedicated stakeholders, offering the most substantial rewards for long-term commitment.

Loyalty Bonuses

To show appreciation for our continuous stakers, we've introduced a loyalty bonus system. This extra reward is our way of valuing their long-term trust and investment in our ecosystem. For instance, a user who stakes continuously for a year could receive a percentage bonus on top of their standard yield.

Staking Caps & Minimums

To ensure a fair and decentralized distribution of rewards, we've implemented staking caps. This approach prevents excessive concentration of tokens and promotes equitable distribution among all stakeholders.

Reward Diversification

Beyond Bitcoin, we're offering a range of rewards, including exclusive access, discounted fees, allocation of product revenue and special digital assets. This diversity in rewards is designed to enrich the stakeholder experience on our platform.

Governance Incentives

We are tying staking to governance, empowering our stakeholders to have a more significant say in our platform's future direction. Longer staking periods and higher tiers will be rewarded with increased influence in governance decisions.

Automated Re-staking

To facilitate ease of investment, we offer an automated re-staking option, allowing for hassle-free compounding of rewards.

Access Keys

The $VRX token earnings pool can be accessed by holders of a $VRX Access Key. A total of 25,000 Access Key’s have been minted as NFT’s. A portion of these have been issued to funders or pre-sold. Some might be made available periodically for direct purchase on platform, with secondary sales supported by the platform marketplace as well as potential secondary exchanges at a later stage.

In order to participate in earnings pools, an Access Key needs to be staked by its owner and matched to their VRX accounts. The weight of participation in the earnings pool is determined by the volume of $VRX staked by the holder multiplied by the number of Access Keys held. The percentage of the earnings pool garnered by a holder is equivalent to their weighted participation stake relative to the sum of all participation weights during that period.

Regular Program Assessments

We commit to regularly assessing and adjusting our staking program, ensuring it remains aligned with market trends and our platform's growth.

This thoughtfully crafted staking and yield strategy demonstrates our commitment to creating long-term value for our investors and users, solidifying the $VRX position as a pivotal asset in our marketplace's future.

Pre revenue rewards - Yieldpro

Pre revenue rewards are issued in the form of additional VRX tokens in our staking hub, Yieldpro. These tokens are issued from the marketing allocation.

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