Welcome to VRX

VRX token powers a Bitcoin-based, decentralised ecosystem for a multi-game, multi-genre marketplace, enabling SCL microtransactions on Bitcoin layer 1 and Lightning, rewarding users with Bitcoin.

VRX aims to revolutionise gaming with a decentralised marketplace and gaming ecosystem using SCL-Based Bitcoin network. Enabling seamless trading of in-game assets and content across games, genres and iGaming.

VRX leverages the network's speed, security and efficiency for low-cost, near real-time transactions, uniting global gaming communities in a transparent, boundless economy.

Our vision is not just to create a marketplace but to establish a universal gaming currency, asset exchange, and product ecosystem. Bringing together gamers from all corners of the globe. In this new world, every in-game transaction has value in the broader gaming community, and every transaction contributes to an ever-evolving, player-driven economy.

In this Codex we cover the following key areas:

  • The VRX Ecosystem - A detailed description of all aspects

  • Ecosystem Platforms - Products and platforms that make up VRX

  • VRX Tokenomics - Allocation and partners

  • Roadmap - Token sale and Product

  • Links to Dark Fusion - VRX Strategic and technical partner

  • Governance and compliance

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