VRX is the first-of-its-kind Bitcoin-based platform allowing cross-game trading of digital assets, breaking down barriers between different gaming worlds.

Cross-Game & Cross-Genre Content Interoperability

The ability to trade in-game assets across various games and genres in this ecosystem is a novel approach that addresses a current gap in the gaming market. This interoperability will revolutionize how players interact with games, making the platform an attractive investment for those looking to capitalize on innovative market solutions.


Microtransactions will cater to a vast market of casual and mobile gamers, content creators and brands. This approach aligns well with current gaming trends and spending habits, offering a lucrative revenue stream to contributors and affiliates.

The high capital velocity of microtransactions in this ecosystem bodes well for validators that support the ecosystem through token staking. For more information on validators please visit the tokenomics section.

New-Age Gaming Experiences

Not only will this ecosystem support multiple assets that can be moved to and from various games, the games themselves that support the interoperable asset protocol will be accessible through the marketplace hub. Thus having the added benefit of a multitude of game titles available, not dissimilar to existing Web2.0 game marketplaces.

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