Galactic Colony

Introducing 'Galactic Colony'. Your gateway to multi-genre gaming and iGaming.

'Galactic Colony' will act as a dynamic display platform where users can showcase their acquired or created assets and gameplay loops. This open-world environment allows for a real-time, immersive experience of what the marketplace has to offer, increasing the visibility and appeal of these assets and content.

User Engagement & Content Creation

By allowing users to bring in their assets and micro game experiences, 'Galactic Colony' encourages active participation and content creation. This not only keeps the experience fresh and engaging but also continually fuels the marketplace with new, user-generated content.

Cross-Game Asset Utilisation

The ability to import assets from various games into 'Galactic Colony' exemplifies the marketplace's cross-game interoperability. This feature can attract a diverse user base from different gaming communities, promoting a broader adoption of the marketplace.

Reduction in Development Pressure

By enabling UGC, game developers can somewhat alleviate the pressure to constantly produce new content. The community effectively supplements the game's content, allowing developers to focus on other aspects like gameplay mechanics and overall game quality.

Economic Ecosystem Development: 'Galactic Colony' can have its own in-game economy that's closely tied to the marketplace. Users can trade assets within the game, creating a microcosm of the larger marketplace, and demonstrating the practical utility and economic potential of such transactions.

Demonstration of Technology

Utilizing the Bitcoin Layer 2 Lightning Network for transactions within 'Galactic Colony' will serve as a proof of concept for the technology's efficiency and scalability. Successful implementation here will increase investor and user confidence in the marketplace.

Community Building & Feedback Loop

As a gathering place for gamers, 'Galactic Colony' will likely foster a strong community, essential for marketplace growth. Community feedback and interactions within the game can provide valuable insights for marketplace enhancements.

The governance of the open world experience will fall under the voting rights per token holding as discussed in the tokenomics section of this codex.

Marketing & Viral Potential

Unique and popular assets or experiences within 'Galactic Colony' are inevitably going to go, drawing attention to the game and, by extension, the marketplace. It can become a powerful marketing tool, attracting new users and investors.

In summary, 'Galactic Colony' not only serves as an extension of the marketplace but also as a critical driver for its growth and acceptance. It showcases the marketplace's capabilities, fosters a community of engaged users, and demonstrates the practical application of the underlying technology, thereby enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the marketplace.


Battle your way to your share of VRX tokens in this unique Bitcoin-powered, play-to-earn Sci-Fi space shooter. Our first massively multiplayer experience, Starvara is due for launch on Google Play and Apple App store in March 2024.

Fair Gaming Network

The Fair Gaming Network is aimed at providing an all inclusive ecosystem allowing for Sports Fans, Gamers, iGamers, and more to compete with one another - all while enjoying the Spirit Of The Game.

The first application built on the Fair Gaming Network will be: Ultrafair Free-To-Play Fantasy Sports

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