Technological Edge

Leveraging Simple Contract Language (SCL) on Bitcoin for faster, cheaper transactions.

The decentralized marketplace's biggest point of differentiation is its unique blend of technological innovation, market approach, and user experience. Our key technology differentiators:

Storage of digital assets data in centralised contracts hosted by VRX whilst immutable ownership of these digitally scarce assets is verified on-chain.

Simple Contract Modelling Language (SCL)

Dark Fusion is a new decentralised application development standard using a proprietary UTxO-based contract execution framework it calls Simple Contract Language (SCL). It is designed for use on top of a both Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions (such as Lightning Network) over a UTxO-capable chain (such as Bitcoin).

Using SCL the Dark Fusion team have developed the SCL Token Standard, enabling developers to quickly deploy tokens on the Bitcoin network, the SCL Wallet to easily manage these tokens, the Dark Fusion Trade enabling users to trade these tokens, and the SCL Explorer to easily view and track transactions - all on the Bitcoin protocol.

Integration with Bitcoin Layer 2 Lightning Network

Using Bitcoin's Layer 2 Lightning Network for transactions is a significant differentiator. This technology offers faster transaction speeds and lower fees compared to traditional blockchain transactions. This efficiency can attract a broad base of users and realises a scalable and cost-effective solution.

The implementation of a VRX central node connecting all participants will facilitate a network effect of interconnected channels between all participants in the ecosystem and driving transactions fees down by order of magnitude. VRX is however still able to manage the fee structure and adjust accordingly.

Managing network fees on HTLCs

Embedding Large Data Files On-Chain

Through the use of immutable contract state management with SCL, we can embed large data files in the form of standardised 3D assets on decentralised hosting environments and smart contracts. Thus paving the way to a defined game assets standard managed by the broader community much like the World Web Consortium (W3C).

Bitcoin Enhanced Security

Leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced security and transparency in transactions assures the integrity of trades and the authenticity of digital assets, which is crucial in digital marketplaces. Bitcoin being a decentralised protocol is standing head and shoulders above other blockchain solutions as the defacto security and truth layer of the internet.

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