The VARA status tiers provide a weighted participation right of decentralised governance valuing early adopters and increased participation in the ecosystem.

Voting rights: Each VRX token equates to a single vote in governance decisions. Additional weighting of votes based on holding of status tokens is discussed below.

Tier 1. Founders

A Founders Status Badge is the highest echelon of commitment and participation in the VARA ecosystem.

The staking of your Founders Status Badge unlocks unprecedented access to earnings in through increased yield rewards, network revenue, revenue share in microtransaction fees as well as unlocking revenue pools from the gaming products including Starvara, Ultrafair, iGaming and more.

The Founders Status Badge is represented in the form of a limited edition collectible and is a wearable asset in the 'Galactic Colony' Open World. This exclusive badge symbolizes your elite status and remarkable journey with VRX.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Founder status is that of increased weighting in governance, thus rewarding Founders for their early adoption, aligned vision and desire to proliferate the VRX ecosystem.

20 million (20,000,000) $VRX tokens were pre-sold in the Founders pre-sale.

*The Founders Status allocation has been locked. No more will ever be minted.

Tier 2. Pro Elite (Current)

The ownership of Pro Elite status is the second tier in the VRX ecosystem. With a limited supply of 1500 available, once sold no more will ever be minted.

Similar to the Founders Status Badge, Pro Elite comes with a wearable collectible that also acts as a staking mechanism for increased rewards and exclusive access to the VRX propduct suite.

24 million (24,000,000) $VRX have been made available for the Pro Elite pre-sale.

Tier 3. TBC

VRX currently has no defined third-tier status but reserve the right to introduce one should the community highlight the requirement.

Tier 4. Public VRX Holders

All other $VRX holders based on their tokens staked will make up the balance of voting rights in the VRX ecosystem.

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