Strategic Partnerships

Dark Fusion

Dark Fusion is a new decentralised application development standard using a proprietary UTxO-based contract execution framework it calls Simple Contract Language (SCL). It is designed for use on top of a both Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions (such as Lightning Network) over a UTxO-capable chain (such as Bitcoin).

Using SCL, Dark Fusion have developed the SCL Token Standard, enabling developers to quickly deploy tokens on the Bitcoin network, the SCL Wallet to easily manage these tokens, the Dark Fusion Trade enabling users to trade these tokens, and the SCL Explorer to easily view and track transactions - all on the Bitcoin protocol.


Coinstore is moving forward to being the global leading blockchain company with its 180 employees worldwide serving more than 1.1 million registered users in 175 countries. Coinstore holds compliance licenses in many countries around the world for providing global users with quick and smooth cryptocurrency trading services, derivatives business and OTC services.

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