The tokenomics of $VRX, designed for the VRX ecosystem, revolve around creating a balanced economy that incentivises users and validators while supporting growth and sustainability.

With a maximum total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) $VRX tokens, the allocation and distribution are strategically planned to ensure long-term viability and active user engagement.


VRX is a limited supply Bitcoin Native utility token of the Dark Fusion protocol,. VRX utilises the robust Bitcoin (Layer 1) and Lightning Layer (Layer 2) infrastructure thourh the SCL (Simple Contract Language) token standards.

Complementing this, VRX introduces a decentralised wallet and marketplace, streamlining the management of VRX and other tokens. Future iterations will enable transactions across Layer 1 and Layer 2.


Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the network. They are rewarded with Bitcoin for their contribution to processing transactions and maintaining the ecosystem. This reward system ensures a secure and robust network, essential for the marketplace's operations.

Validators are pivotal to the ecosystem, driving the execution, processing and settlement of contracts. They are rewarded for processing transactions on the trade, allocating computing resources, hosting contracts and maintaining state channels. The primary purpose of the VRX token is to unlock validators in the VRX ecosystem.

Trades in the VRX ecosystem will have a fixed swap fee of 0.2% (subject to change). Fee collections are routed to VRX's internal treasury. Fees from internal treasury are the distributed to validator stakers.

Minting of New Assets

$VRX tokens are also used for the minting of new digital assets within the marketplace. Users can create or tokenise assets, paying a minting fee in $VRX. This process adds a layer of value and authenticity to the digital assets, making them tradable within the VRX ecosystem.

Each token minted by network participants and hosted by VRX will incur a 0.1% (subject to change) transaction fee allocated to VRX validators.

Utility & Governance

Besides transaction validation and asset minting, VRX tokens grant users governance rights, allowing them to participate in key decisions about the platform and related ecosystem products. This includes voting on updates, changes, and new features, aligning the ecosystem's development with the community's interests.

Overall, the tokenomics of VRX are designed to foster a thriving marketplace, encouraging active participation, ensuring network security, and facilitating the creation and trade of digital assets. By balancing initial incentives with long-term sustainability, $VRX aims to be at the core of the VRX marketplace's economic model.

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